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The NESA National Employment Services Awards promote employment success stories and pay tribute to the people - Employment Consultants, Teams, Employers and former Job Seekers - who play an integral part in those stories.

Now in their 13th year, the Awards are the peak recognition for Employment Consultants and offer unmatched opportunities of recognition for those they assist.

The Awards highlight the commitment this industry has made to improving the well-being of our community, the excellent levels of service offered and the very real successes resulting from hard work and innovation. This is achieved by:

  • Fostering high standards in the employment services industry
  • Recognising employers who provide employment opportunities and workplace environments which support the retention and development of job seekers
  • Encouraging employers to adopt and support employment services providers
  • Honouring job seekers and participants who have overcome disadvantage to obtain and retain appropriate employment
  • Providing a benchmark for excellence within the industry
  • Fostering job seeker, employer and public confidence
  • Encouraging and support young people entering our industry.

To be an Award recipient, the nominee will have demonstrated the highest levels of commitment, innovation and accomplishment. Business and employment leaders will have judged them to be “the best of the best”.


The 2017 categories are:
Employment Consultant of the Year - sponsored by NESA
Excellence in Indigenous Employment Award - sponsored by the Department of Employment
Innovation in Disability Employment - Team Award - sponsored by the Department of Social Services
Achiever of the Year, for former Job Seekers - sponsored by the Department of Employment
Champion Employer of the Year - sponsored by the Department of Employment




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